We are Fangirls

One day, there are two girls sitting in one classroom. They don't know each other yet. But soon, they surely will know. With one specific reason, they are both fangirls! What do fangirls do when they meet? Of course, they will rant and gush about their idol. If you want to see how these two girls will interact, please read the conversation below.
N : "Hey, I'm bored. Let's play 20 questions." J : "Umm, okay sure." N : "Do you want to ask first?" J : "I'll ask. Starting from the basic first, cause we don't know each other yet." N : "Okay sure, please continue." J : "What is your name?" N : "My name is Nandita and the next question is the same one." J : "My name is Jasmine. Nice to know you." N : "Nice to know you too. Next question please." J : "How old are you and when is your birthday." N : "That is two questions, but it's okay. I am fifteen and my birthday is on A…

Me, Myself, and I

Buckle up your seat belts and be prepared, because I'm going to spit out nonsense about myself. Yes about myself like name, age, school, blah blah (spoiler oops). Well, actually I'm not an interesting person and I don't have some jaw-hanging story to tell. So its going to be boring. Just bear it okay.
For starter, obviously, I will tell you my name. Although you can guess it already from the blog title. My name is Jasmine Azizah. When people hear my name, they be asking "Where's Aladdin?" Umm excuse me, how should I supposed to know? Maybe he's dead eaten by Abu or riding that fancy flying carpet or something. I don't know okay, don't ask me this question again.
Moving to the next, itssss my age. I am 14 year old. Wow, still young, what a shocker!! I am born in Bandung, Indonesia. On 3rd October, don't forget this, I'm expecting some gifts from you guys.
Next is my school. I currently studying in SMAN 3 Bandung, basically a high school in my …